Boba Baby Carrier Review

When I got picked to do this review, I was absolutely stoked coz this was my chance to try something that I have always wanted to!! :D More importantly, it is because I love baby-wearing and I’ve been baby-wearing since my first child was born nearly 5 years ago. And since that time, I have always been on the search for something that suited me and bub best. I have to be honest….I’ve tried (and own) MANY baby carriers from the DIY kind (the ones I sewed but never really had confidence to actually use it except maybe that sling wrap that worked for awhile) to the more realiable and trusted type like the Boba.

First impression I got when I opened the box and actually had the Boba in my hand was how vibrant and Aussie the design was! (Bonus points for having the Aussie touch. Heh.) The Kangaroo print was the runners up in the Boba’s 2010 Spoonflower Design Contest and was designed by Eva Chang. She did an EXCELLENT job coz to me, even Daddy wouldn’t mind putting this on in public!

Boba Baby Carrier
How cute is that?? :D

Another reason why I am loving the Boba Baby Carrier 3G is because the weight intended for this carrier is 7-45lbs or 3-20kg and through my experience and research there are very few carriers that go up to 20kg, and for us this carrier will go a long way as B is only 10kg and KR is 15kg. :D Anyway, here is what we think about the Boba :

The testers : B (1.5 yrs/10kg) & KR (3y/15kgs)

For both kids, I found that the back carry option worked best for us. While I can still front carry B, it didnt take long before I could feel the strain on my back, so I feel that at this weight the back carry is the preferred choice for us plus his point of view is also different. That said, when I was carrying B on the front, the waist strap supported my back quite well until his weight took its toll on me! :P So I am assuming for lighter kids/babies, the support from the straps will do its job well.

Both didn’t quite like having their feet in the foot strap because they just prefer swinging their legs about and also because our usual babycarrier doesnt have one. That aside, I think this feature is a definitely a good one and one that I have not noticed in the other carriers that I have tried.

Boba Baby Carrier
Out and about with KR

The one thing that didnt quite sit well with me is that the Boba doesn’t have that additional feature that my carrier has. It’s like a security feature which is an inside panel that helps me feel more confident and secure when transitioning bub onto my back. I’ve never been good with getting bub on my back on my own – I always need help but I reckon with practice, getting bub on the back with the Boba should be easy peasy!
A personal note to those who are new to trying the back carry option : Always have someone nearby in case your hands should slip, you’ll never know! And if possible, try it on nearby a bed or sofa – something for a soft landing, just in case, you know?

In a nutshell, I truly wished that when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I had done my research and not just bought the first baby carrier I saw at Baby Warehouse (I think it was). We (DH and I) liked the look and loved the features that we read but we didnt do our homework about it to see if there were other options. I didnt know ANYTHING about babycarriers. I didnt even know they existed back then and while we were happy to have purchased it, it didnt last long as A just grew out of it so fast (as all babies do) – it was not cheap either! Back then, I wished I had known about carriers like the Boba which caters for newborns right up to toddlers. And with the Boba, you dont even need to get extra inserts like mine does. All you need to do is follow some intructions to adjust the Boba so that your new bub gets the proper support.

So the lesson of the day is : Do your homework! :) And happy babywearing – nothing beats having your baby close to you.

Boba Baby Carrier

Disclosure : No payment or compensation, other than product samples as described above, was received for this post. All opinions given here are solely my own.

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