Look who’s going to preschool!

Omg, I am still in shock to think that Arianna will soon be starting preschool. And “soon” here means NEXT week!!! Yes, my (not so) little girl will start her first day at preschool on 22/2/2012. I still cannot believe how quick that is. Ted took her today to check the preschool out and they only have one opening which is every Wednesday so we took it. Not too sure how it works here in Oz but apparently bookings have to be made and loads of “pre” things to be done. Would be so much easy if you could just walk in and register your kid, eh? Anyway, we got her registered at St. Anne’s Preschool, which is an Anglican preschool – the Catholic school didnt have preschool but I think once she starts “big school”, we may enrol her there. They are both walking distance from our place.

Anyway, Ted is feeling positive about the whole idea and I am slowly warming up to it too but am still VERY nervous about it. My concern is not that Arianna cannot fit in or anything like that. She is rather sociable like me and seems to be able to adapt to her surrounding quite quickly and apparently was very excited about the sandpit that she saw at preschool. I am stressing out about her meals. And yes, I am solely to be blamed for it because of the Asian in me. I still literally spoon feed the kids so as to make my life easier but I see now why they need to be more independant. *sigh* Although Arianna is able to each on her own, the mess….OMG. Hence I often go back to just feeding them myself to avoid the mess.

Now, I’ve got to check out possible lunch box meals that she will eat else she’ll go hungry for sure. *sigh* Cannot believe she is already going to school!!! Even though its only once a week.

  1. Once a week; Is it worth the money, hah?
    How much u guys are paying, if you don’t me asking?

    • well, whether or not its worth it remains to be seen coz i dont know much abt this place but coz they had an opening so we grabbed the chance. its $36/day which is cheaper than my friend is paying – $40/day.

  2. Wow, i thought montesori was expensive, i guess its not. We pay 460 a month but of course 5 days a week. I can gurantee u she is going to love. :)

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