How to stop a lip from bleeding

Arianna fell of the chair today while euthusiatically trying to strut like a parrot, while still seated on the chair. She must have lost her balance and fell sideways but landed on the back on her head. She must have hit the plastic chair or something coz her lips her slightly injured and bleeding. It wasn’t a huge split but it was large enough to bleed.

Of course she was crying and saying ‘Ouchies’, but I knew the best remedy for this kind of injury and it works wonders! :) A teaspoon of sugar cured both the bleeding AND the crying. :D I mean, which child would not stop crying when given sugar, right? Actually, this remedy I got from my aunt who used to looks after kids. I think she still does but not as many. Hence, this tip. I think it’s common to have kids running in with a busted lip every now and then. I was surprised to see that it worked the first time she did this!

It was many years ago and when one of the kids in her care fell and hurt her lips, my aunt gave her a teaspoon of sugar and the bleeding stopped and so did the crying. I was amazed and reminded myself of it. And I’ve actually used this remedy many times with Arianna and it has never failed me. Why does it work?

How to stop bleeding

For small cuts, yes, sugar can help stop the bleeding. The sugar forms a paste with the blood and thus helps it clot more quickly. In addition, sugar has some antibacterial properties which will help the wound heal quicker. With larger wounds however, sugar tends to make you bleed more, so you should not apply sugar to such a wound till after the bleeding has stopped.

The antibacterial properties are what make sugar an effective home remedy for wounds, rather than any ability to stop bleeding, which as mentioned, is not always the case. Besides, for smaller wounds, there is usually no need to stop bleeding, as this happens naturally within a short time.

Honey is also recommended to stop bleeding and disinfect the wound. However, avoid using other home remedies such as cayenne pepper or spider webs. Some such remedies may infect the wound, while others may cause unnecessary pain without providing much benefit.

The best way to stop bleeding is to apply pressure to a wound. You can even simply use your fingers to do this, but make sure that your hands are clean. If you can, use a soft, clean, absorbent cloth instead, pressing down on the wound gently but firmly.
Taken from here.

Needless to say that when Arianna fell over and started crying, KR also had to share the pain and started crying as well. I think it was mostly due to stress seeing another kid crying but so funny when you sit back and think about it. Sisterly love, eh? Anyhow, after that teaspoon of sugar, everything went back to normal.

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