Family day out

It was the day before school reopened so we decided that it would be fun to have a day out at a nearby reserve and have a picnic while we were there. We ended up in Mandurama Reserve not far from home. It was a sunny but windy day so we were all rugged up! Reminded me so much of the time we went to visit my aunt in Holland and had experience cold for the first time. My body couldn’t decide what to feel! lol

Wondering what the heck she’s doing on this thingy!!

Finally can kick the ball without Mummy screaming at me not to

Little Ms Photogenic

Chomping on a cookie

Someone wanted to run down the ‘hill’ and so she did. Face planted herself, looked up, said “uh=oh” stood up and carried on. THAT’S my girl!! Not a tear, not a whimper… :)

In typical KR style…

Sisterly love

While we were walking along the bridge, the ducks saw us and literally came for us. It was scary!!!

All in all, we had a fun day out as a family which we rarely have a chance to. Today, it was great! ;)

Just mucking around

It was a fine day and I had just finished up some new leggings…so what’s the girls and mum to do? We much about in the backyard with silly poses, that’s what! ;)

Needless to say little mister wanted to be in on the action too. ;)

When sisters go crazy!

I have to say that it’s wonderful to be a child who can look good in any ol’ silly pose. Get me to pose like this and I look like some nut just out of the nut house!! lol But not kids….they rock these poses!! ;)

Custom made is the way to go!

I love big sofas! It reminds me of the sofa set that we used to have back home in Malaysia when we were still living in Johor. It was custom made so it was bigger than your average sofa set and being a big kiddy myself, it was perfect for those after school cat naps that gives you that tiny boost of energy to make it through dinner then off to bed. ;)

But in time, the foam cushions started to show it wear and tear and sadly, we had no way of replacing it and if we had known about the couch cushions from, we’d still have that sofa with us!!

At the moment, we don’t own any sofas but I’m hoping that some day we will as I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for a good deal. ;)

Missing in action

Gosh, it’s been a very long while since I last blogged and there are cobwebs EVERYWHERE!!! I have to say though I didn’t really miss it much but what I do feel sad about is that I never jotted down things that have had happened that I would have liked to have written down for posterity.

In a nutshell, since March we’ve since moved out of my MIL’s place and back home. While it was a bit of a sad decision, it had to be done for the good of all. I have to personally say thought that I am glad to be back to where I can feel more homely. J Nothing beats living in your OWN home. I have missed my sewing area, my dyeing….things I love doing I missed out on when we were away and now, it’s slowly coming back together. It’s been a few months and although things are not ALL back to normal, we’ll get the in time.

The girls have since settled in to their new/old school, made new friends and reacquainted with the old. Picking up where A left off and KR is just going about things her way. B is still talking about going to school but mention preschool and he runs the opposite direction! Lol The most change that has happened is most prolly to G who seemed to have begun walking literally overnight. As with the others, she was a slow walker to begin with. She was slow rolling over and slow to crawling. But I was never stressed because I knew that she would come around in due time. And she did. One moment she was holding on to the stool at the playground, and then with a bit of coaxing and encouragement, she took off. Just like that. She has not looked back since and this was merely 3 weeks ago or thereabouts. These days there is no stopping her….she is up and about, and always on the go. J It’s good to see how well she is progressing.

On a personal front, I have since started a temp job at a local government office and it’s been good. I think a workplace is more bearable when you have nice co-workers and particularly if you can get along with them. That itself is half the battle won. I’ve been lucky that most of my assignments have been with pretty good co-workers and supervisors. More often than not, I leave with more friends to add on FB. Lol Once my 6 weeks are up, I’m hoping to get another position so I guess I’ll be back to job hunting and hope that my agent can get something good for me. And if Lady Luck is smiling down on me, I can but hope that I can continue in my current office, though chances are this will not happen. But who knows…miracles do happen.

The silence is deafening….

O my, it’s been way too quiet in here, eh? :) Yes….I can imagine the silence must be deafening. lol Most days I wish I could just sit down and blog – and blog uninterrupted. This is of course, wishful thinking on my part. It would be a miracle if I did not hear “Mummy” mentioned at least once every 10 minutes or so. As unkind as it may sound, sometimes I do find it a bit annoying because of the constant repetition. It’s like a broken record….going on and on and on. I must seriously sound like a bad mom!!

Anyhoo, things have been pretty much like a roller coaster with me. Most days I feel tired. If you ask me what I’ve been doing, I could truly look you in the eye and tell you, I dont know. But I feel tired. I feel that I’m constantly doing SOMETHING and yet, looking back at the end of the day, it feels as though nothings been done. I’m on my 2 feet most of the day – doing bits of this and that and yet, it seems as though I’ve done nothing at all. I’m feeling rather unorganized and totally useless. Honestly.

Take today for instance – morning school rush as usual, then it was some vacuuming and got pies into the oven for lunch, made G’s rice porridge and while that was cooking, I hung out the laundry, before I knew it, it was lunch time and then wash up and lo and behold, school pickup, back home and I’m with the girls for their homework, then while kids play outside, I’m getting dinner ready and got G up from her afternoon nap and gave her tea, suddenly its dinner time and then time to wash up again, sat down to help KR with some reading and it’s bath time coz G soiled her nappies, so bath x4 and then its milk time for all and the shove into bed that took nearly half hour. So my day started at 7am….ends about 9pm. And NOW, I’m online…blogging about what happened today. It’s now 11.16pm.

Didn’t seem much….but writing it all down, it’s looks like a what the dog spat out! I’m all over the place like a headless chook!! I feel so disorganized…so useless…. :( Am I the only one feeling like this? I can’t be, can I?? :(

Yummy Mummy…

This I would like to be but yummy mummy I am not! lol I’d like to think myself as a low profile, mummy who does what she has to do and is happy being under the radar. That said, some days I like to bling it up a bit or get all funky with boots and that suits me just fine – Ted hasn’t complained either. It’s a bonus! ;)

Recently I’ve gone all crazy over boots and leggings. It has been like this since last winter. Boots and leggings makes me a happy Yvy. ;) So now that I have 3 pairs of boots, it’s time to stock up on leggings and tight jeans. And what better way to do that to sew up your own!! lol

I was a pattern tester for Apple + Fig Stalkers Leggings for women and these are like the BEST ever leggings. I love how well they suit me and the best part is, I can get them in ANY print I like!! :D

The second one is what I dyed and then sewed up. :) And I reckon since I got my clothes somewhat sorted up, it’s time to accessorize at this website. After all, where else would you look? ;)

At the park…

So what is life like with only 3 kids? Well, it’s a wee bit easy especially when you take the to the playground and its near empty! lol

Aaahh….bliss on the swing!! This is what childhood is all about!!! :D

I took these pix when we were still at the old place. After we dropped A off at school, I decided to take them to the playground for awhile as the library was still shut. About half hour later, we made our way to the library to find that craft time was on!! SCORE!!! :D

Kids were over the moon – so was I. It was good to spend that time out with them. We never used to do it coz I didnt hv much ‘freedom’ then. Yea, I didnt have any license back then and a lot of the times, I was stuck home with the kids. Quite sad really now that I look back. But it’s all changing now. :)

I never saw it in them….

If you do not already know, yours truly has started a tie dye page on FB!! :D Yes, I’ve decided that since this whole new tie dye craze started, I might as well have fun and try making some money out of it too. :) It’s still in infancy stage but we’re getting there!! :)

I’ve always thought tie dye was merely just tying it up with rubber bands and that was it. I never in my wildest imagination thought that there were other tools and methods available!! And this is why my new fav site is Yup….they apparently have what I want to take my tie dye experience to a whole new high!! ;)

Hello 2014!!

How the heck with 2013 just fly by to quickly??? One moment I found out I was preggers and now Ms G will be turning 1 in just a couple of weeks. Say what???? Sigh….2013 had many ups and downs for us but we made it through it all as a family and as they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and in many ways, this is true.

This year will be a big year for us all. The 2 older girls will start school, we will be moving again (twice in a year!!) and this time, it will be the last time we ever need to move unless its to Malaysia! And finally, I’ll be starting up my new hobby – a tie dye site on FB! :D Yes, I’m insane that way….

So here’s to a better and blessed 2014…..much love to all!

Steve Irwin wannabe

I’ve always loved animals. Ever since I was a kid, I was always fascinated by animals. All the times I had the chance to interact with animals, I loved it! From having a snake wrapped around my shoulders to holding Wilma the Wombat, to birds on my arm (clawing at me!), feeding the fishes in Pulau Paya, Langkawi and the best, swimming along sharks and stingrays at Sea World Gold Coast…..every moment was just fabulous! Ultimately, my dream would be to own an animal sanctuary where I’d have all the old, retired race horses come and live out the rest of their lives just chillaxing and have rescued animals rehab for onward release to the wild….wow, that would be like a dream come true for me!!

And of course, little toys like the live wildlife cameras that you can put around in the bush, would just be somewhat of an added bonus I reckon. Would be good to have if you want to monitor your released animals and what nots. I may sound crazy or something but I think animals are great. Such interesting creations that the Lord created and I’m proud to say that the kids are well intrigued by animals too. I’m glad I started to get them interested in animals from young. I would love to have a wild life avenger in the family, if I cannot be one myself. :)